Alternative Medicine Channel is your source for information, knowledge, and a deeper perspective about the potential uses of alternative medicines. We try to separate ourselves from charlatans and pure flights of fancy, but there have certainly been well-intentioned, reasonably-evidenced treatments that ultimately turned out to be ineffective. We strive to be honest brokers, but we’re also skeptical about skepticism, but we’re not absolutist, either. We’re hesitant to dismiss a treatment’s potential prematurely. It’s not like we’re radical health professionals advocating that people should try anything and everything. Not at all. On the other hand, we do think it’s not always wise to stick to the most conservative and mainstream treatments, especially for chronic conditions.


We agree that people and health professionals alike should strive to do no harm, but there’s not always a bright line between what’s considered invasive and non-invasive. There’s not always a bright line about what treatment will be most effective. There’s not always a bright line between widely accepted and fringe medical protocols. We don’t pretend to be the final arbiter of what counts as “mainstream” and “alternative” medicine. With this general perspective and attitude in mind, we look to highlight what we know about health products, medical services, and how to marshal these resources to achieve a better overall quality of life.