Many years ago, when man was much more primitive in nature it has been said that he did not have the technological medicinal resources as today’s modern man. While this statement could be argued, what cannot be argued is that the human race is much more accustomed to look for help or healing from prescription drugs rather than from nutritional healing resources such as plants.

In many ways, the body is already the perfect healing machine. We take for granted what happens when we get a cut on our arm. One day later, we see the skin has rejuvenated itself. Better yet, clip your fingernails and toenails and check them one month later to see if they have grown again.

Drugs do not heal people. They stop systems in the body from working that are signaling that something is wrong. There is not a single drug in the world that heals people. Drugs are beneficial if you have a life-threatening issue and you need to knock out one of the systems of the body, but only in a temporary fashion. Why we look to drugs as our first option for natural healing is something that has become a part of our thinking through medical dogmas and propaganda. Hundreds of years ago, people cured sicknesses with natural remedies not with doctored man made formulas.

Both for prevention and chronic condition management, better nutrition is one of the best things you can do to help your body to heal. Many nutrients like selenium, calcium, zinc, essential fatty acids and other nutrients can play a big part in restoring the body through nutritional healing. When you lay down to sleep at night, your body will be at work regenerating and rebuilding itself. If you’re lacking any key nutrients it will search itself and find the missing nutrients in your body and immediately replace them. As a result, you will wake up hungry in the morning.

The most important nutrient that gets depleted of when we sleep is protein. When most people wake up they eat carbohydrates (sugars) in the morning like bread, muffins, bagels and cereals. These things further deplete the body of key nutrients because they require a lot of work for the body to assimilate. The top three nutrients that the body needs are: proteins, fats and then carbohydrates.”

The nutritional healing that you are seeking from any sickness will not be found in any drug. You were created as a perfect being that has the capacity to heal itself given that the proper infrastructures are set in place.